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Yoga classes are held on Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. These gentle hatha yoga classes are conducted by Zoe Browning and held in our Chapel. Join Zoe and learn how to release, restore, and rejuvenate - find peace, creative space, and experience balance, strength, and gracefulness.

From the Upanishads: “When the five senses and the mind are still, and reason itself rests in silence, then begins the Path Supreme. This calm steadiness of The Senses is called Yoga.”

All levels are welcome. Wear comfortable clothing and bring your own mat or blanket. Love donations will be graciously accepted. For details, call Zoe at 909.981.1133.

Ernest Holmes tells us "If we talk about discord, we shall become more discordant. The more the world arms for war, the more certain it is that there will be war." He reminds us of what Jesus told us, that we can only be forgiven to the extent that we forgive. This is because "God works for us only by working through us (so) this statement is really a statement of cause and effect." It is through this understanding that we know "Love alone can beget love."

As such, it becomes imperative for us to move our thoughts, our words - our conscious choices to ones steeped in Love and focus our energy on our Oneness with God and all that God is. This is our prayer - to seek first the kingdom. And the power of our prayer "and its power in the outward life depends upon an unconditional faith in, and reliance upon this inner Presence. We must enter the closet. That is, we are to shut out all else and enter the Presence of Spirit, in quietness and confidence - believing." Our prayer is not to alter God's consciousness, but rather to align our consciousness with the Divine.

The Practitioners of our Spiritual Center are inviting everyone to join in our prayer of Love and Oneness, so that together we can move into alignment with Divine wisdom (the understanding that passeth all judgment" - so that we can demonstrate "the kingdom, on earth, as it is in heaven."

Prayer for Our Center

I know that God is Life, the source that animates me. And I am the source that animates my experience and all that exists around me.

I know that God is Love, the "Divine Givingness", the ever constant flow of grace. And I am a temple of this Divine Love, the "hole in the flute that the grace flows through."

I know that God is Wisdom, the light that dispels any and all darkness, replacing it with clarity and understanding, acceptance and empathy. And I am the beacon of this light as I allow and trust Divine Grace to shine through me, releasing all judgment which clouds my recognition and deep understanding of my oneness with the Divine and all life.

I know that God is all there is, the all encompassing "I am that am". All that has been created has its source in God; all that has been created is good - very good - perfect. Likewise, I am all that I am and all that I am is me, my strengths, my weaknesses, my joys, my sorrows, my triumphs and my vulnerabilities. All that I am is good - very good - perfect.

I know that God is the awesome synchronicity of life, the balance of nature, the fullness of a concerto, the vibration of a dance. And I am an awesome balance of emotions and thoughts, a creative unique being not duplicated by another spirit or human.

I know that God is omnipotent and as a part of God as a wave is part of the ocean, as an expression of the Divine Itself, I am powerful. It is through me that my world is created.

I know these things of God and me and know them as true for every person. More specifically, I know that each person in the Claremont Center for Spiritual Living is simply another wave of the same ocean, another beacon, another "hole in the flute." And I embrace this truth.

I take this moment to, through my power, bless our ministers Rev, Greg and Rev. Miriam. I bless our board, bless every volunteer, bless every soul who walks in our doors.

I give thanks for being fed by the talks our senior minister, Rev. Greg so lovingly shares with us each Sunday and his commitment to serving me and every member of our community. I give thanks for those who tend to the business of the day to day operations and maintenance our facility and grounds. I know my spiritual home, Claremont Center for Spiritual Living, is healthy and thriving in peace and prosperity.

I commit myself to hold fast to our principles of Love and compassion. I remind myself daily of our Oneness. I embrace our diversity and stand in awe of the beauty of the music we create together. I relax in the peace that trusting in Divine Law - Divine Order - Divine Grace gives me. I release all thoughts of discord. I accept responsibility for my own word, knowing its power, yet I remain compassionate with others. I live in Love. Love lives in me.

Love lives in the Claremont Center for Spiritual Living. It fills every crevice in the furniture, the air and the minds of every person here. There is no room for any thoughts words or actions to the contrary of our peace and love to lodge itself here. We are one; we are whole; we are perfect just the way we are as we continue to grow.

God is good - very good - perfect. I am good - very good - perfect. My Spiritual Center is good - very good - perfect. We are good - very good - perfect.

And so it is.

509 S. College Avenue
Claremont, California 91711

SUNDAY SERVICE 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.
Tues - Fri 10:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m.
PHONE 909.624.3549
FAX 909.399.9679

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